Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Nearly Three Years...

Wow.  I can hardly believe nearly three years has gone by since I have written anything.
My my how times change.  One thing hasn't, this doesn't get read by anyone, so it doesn't really matter too much.

Since my last blog in 2012...

I have created new lasting friendships, had and lost relationships and got a new job!  That job has led me to my new home in Ohio.  I honestly never thought I would relocate for a job, having chickened out before.  I suppose last time it just wasn't right and deep down I knew it.  I had a constant thought of 'how can I do this?'  In October of 2013, when this opportunity came knocking, my thought was the exact opposite, 'how can I not do this?'

I will not lie, my first six months or so here were very difficult to handle.  It was lonely outside of work and I really did not have a strong desire to socialize. I was worried I would end up hating my job or my boss hating the work I did and then what...

Today could not be any farther from that.  I am truly blessed to have a great job, to have met some wonderful people, and to have fun hobbies to fill my time and give me something to enjoy. I never considered myself a very crafty/artistic person. Heck I make ugly stick people!  But the ceramics class I have been attending opened up a whole new world of artsy-ness!

I admit, I think about home all the time.  I miss my family and few close friends like you wouldn't believe.  It makes me sad to feel like We may be drifting apart, but then I stop and think.  I know in my heart that will never happen with those people.

My parents have come to visit a couple times and we have gone to cedar point, which was a great time. My sister came to visit before she moved to Tampa.  I can't wait to go visit her :-).

Life is not without roadbumps... Of the great friends I have made, I've had to say goodbye too... Losing such a wonderful person at such a young age. Heartbreaking.  Wishing I could have helped her, wishing she would have called me back that weekend.  A poor young soul, utterly broken, seeing no way out.  I would never consider her a coward.  I just wish she wasn't broken inside. And I wish someone would not have broken her the way they did.  I have no doubt it played a role in what happened.  I think of her every day, wishing I could send a text or give a call just because.

Some of the hardest days I've had to deal with and not have my person there.  Everyone has a person.  A rock to lean on that is someone you can bear your soul to and they do the same.  I miss my person. My best friend in this entire world.  I don't know when I will see her next but I can't wait!

Hmm then there's my romantic life.  Mostly nonexistent, as usual.  Haven't seriously dated anyone since, well, 2008....?  And that one went oh so well.  Crap that's a long time. Sad me haha. I need to find a good, decent, honest man that wants to be in my life on a regular basis. This sporadic seeing someone is driving me crazy.

Life goes on.  Overall it is basically the same as it was before I moved, just with a different cast of people.  Is it better, I'd love to believe so.  Only time will tell.  Maybe it already is, and it's just me who needs to catch up.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Finally Friday!

Wow, finally Friday.  This week has been a pretty greuling one!  Work Work Work is what it has been all about.  I am looking forward to sleep.  Lots and lots of sleep.  Although, let's be honest... I am probably going to be going out tonight, then doing a pub crawl tomorrow afternoon, and probably going to be out tomorrow night too.  Sleep does not look very promising, at least not until Sunday.

Looking forward to being in Milwaukee tomorrow afternoon.  It has been many a moon since I have gone out in Milwaukee.  We will probably hang around Water Street for a good portion of the afternoon and then head up to North Ave.  I will probably have a drink or two, but leave it at that.  I would like to be able to drive back home tomorrow.  I have no interest in sleeping on a hotel room floor!!

I am so ready to be out of work, and it is only 11:30am!  I am just tired of my coworker's tantrums.  Come on, you are not 4, you are 40!!  And did you think you were going to be able to act like this every day and never be confronted about it?  Do you think it is appropriate to say how much you hate this company and how you wish it would burn to the ground????  Not OK in my book!

I miss my nephew and my parents so much sometimes.  I wish I could see them more often, but that won't be happening if gas prices keep creeping up!  I am not made of money!  If only others would make the drive down to see me rather than expect me to come up to them.  One can dream, I guess.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sure has been a while...

Well it has been quite a while since I have written anything on here... and my how things have changed!
I am still working at Essential Industries in Merton.  I was *this close* to moving to St. Louis in August.  I got offered a job down there, but it was difficult to make the decision to pack up and be 6-8 hours away from my friends and family.  Seems everyone is pretty happy I didn't go, and when I really think about it, so am I.  I have some terrific friends that I have become much closer to in the past six months. 

While I get frustrated at work from time to time, I really do love working here.  Everyone is so friendly and nice.  I don't know how I would have felt being somewhere I didn't know anyone... probably would've become a recluse!!

My nephew is about two and a half now, which is incredible!  He is such a smart, funny kid.  I wish I could see him more often- along with the rest of my family.  I haven't seen most of my family since Christmas.  It is weird to be so distant, only because I live so far away from them all.

Right before my last few posts I had knee surgery.  Well things are much better!  I am fully functioning and feeling good :-).  I was left with some arthritis after the surgery which is taken care of using an injection once or twice a year.  I think I can deal with that!

Well, that is all for now... I will be sure to update more often!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Oh Monday....

What a day it has been already.  Got up late, so sore and on the verge of calling in.  But then I remembered I had important things to do today.... dang.  I have PT tonight, that should be fun--NOT.  Not when I am this sore.  Compound a terrible night's sleep from pain with annoyances and this day stinks!

The weekend was fun though.  I got up on Saturday and went to Farm and Fleet.  I picked up a strawberry plant, banana peppers, chives, parsley and geraniums.  I ran over to Stein's and found a couple of planters that would work for the porch.  I have one large planter that sits on the deck and one that hangs on the railing.  Those two planters were only enough for half of my plants.  I have to go get more planters and potting soil.  I hope the strawberry plants bear fruit.  I am a little worried that they will only have limited direct sunlight.  Well, I guess if they don't make it, I will know for the future!

Saturday night, my roommate and I went out to celebrate her passing her Firefighter's practical.  She was pumped and I was happy to celebrate with her.  We went to our tradition locale... On The Rocks in Merton (that is the town that we work in).  Had a little bite to eat and had some tasty drinks.  A few of her friends met us out and we spent the night talking, drinking and having fun!  We stayed out until bar close, which I haven't done in a long time.  I was so tired!  Sunday was uneventful.  I didn't do anything except the dishes!  It felt good to have a day to relax that much, but I think it makes rolling into Monday worse.  You have to totally switch gears from doing nothing to being motivated and busy, that's tough.

Anyway, I guess it is time to get back to work and start that motivation thing again!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What a Wednesday

Nothing like plastering a smile onto your face when you feel like screaming!  That is what I have to do in therapy.  Push through the pain and go, go, go!  I think I am making good progress, but there is still so much work ahead of me.  I am feeling very overwhelmed by it today.  I think about the progress I have made and I am pleased.  I feel good about it.  Then I think of what I have yet to accomplish, and it scares me!  Just the thought of riding a bike makes me want to crawl under a rock!!!  What a crazy concept.  It is so wild to me that I can think to myself, "lift right foot" and I can't do it.  I can try so hard to do it, and I can feel my muscles contracting and I still can't do it.  Not having the ability to control my muscles is not only a new experience, but it is quite unpleasant!  Let me tell you, I will never take any of my normal, every day actions for granted again.

In other news, I am feeling relatively happy.  Given the things that have recently come to my attention, I think I am doing a great job handling it.  I don't know what is true or not anymore and my level of trust for people has decreased significantly.  This saddens me, but all I can do is move past it.

I am going to go shopping in the next week or so and look for something that I can hang on the balcony to plant some flowers.  I need to spice up the porch.  It has been plain, empty and boring for over a year.  Time to change it up!!!  Plus, looking out the door and seeing beautiful flowers can't help but cheer a person up!  :-)

Well, my lunch time is just about over, so I had better finish this up!  If anyone has any good ideas or tips for hanging flower baskets, please share!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Oh boy

I really wish I could have taken another week off of work.  I underestimated the stress I would put on my knee driving and walking around at work.  While I am trying my best to limit my activity, it is inevitable that I have to get up and stand at my lab bench.  It also does not help that I can't elevate my knee, at least not in a comfortable position.  This means that it is a constant ache, and it is really not pleasant.  I can hardly wait to go home and elevate my leg and sit with a huge bag of peas.  I have never looked forward to sitting on the couch so much!  This is going to make for a long week, that is certain!

In other news, I had my follow up appointment from my surgery this morning.  The doctor said everything is looking good and just working on my range of motion is important right now.  I am motivated to keep improving my range of motion, even though some of the exercises hurt so bad.  It is so imperative that I not get lazy about it.  Also, I am glad to be able to drive again, but I have to limit myself.  I can drive, up to a point.  Once I hit that limit it gets painful and uncomfortable.  Once I start feeling pain, it is tough to get rid of it.  It lingers around and makes me feel pretty crummy.

I can't wait to be able to go home again.  I look forward to the next five or six weeks being over with!  I will finally be feeling better, won't have to wear a brace and can walk normally.  Once three months pass, I can start riding a bike again get in the habit of working out and going for walks.  I can't wait to be all better and go to baseball games, have fun on the weekends and see my friends again!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


The surgery went well and the knee is making progress every day.  It certainly is not easy.  In working to get my flexion back it can get quite painful!  There is still swelling so it gets really tight when bending my leg, but it is something that I have to do!  Except for that, it is doing really well.  I don't have to use crutches to get around the apartment, which is nice.

I am getting so darn bored though, just hanging around the apartment.  I wish I could get out and be productive.  I wouldn't mind being back at work.  I have so much stuff to take care of!  I am hoping that by Sunday I will be able to get in and out of my car and be able to drive.  That way I won't have to rely on other people and disrupt their schedules to get to my appointments.

Well I am even getting bored writing this!  Gah I just don't know what to do with my time!!!  I cannot wait for the next couple of months to go by.  I want my knee to be healed and be back as close to normal as possible!