Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Nearly Three Years...

Wow.  I can hardly believe nearly three years has gone by since I have written anything.
My my how times change.  One thing hasn't, this doesn't get read by anyone, so it doesn't really matter too much.

Since my last blog in 2012...

I have created new lasting friendships, had and lost relationships and got a new job!  That job has led me to my new home in Ohio.  I honestly never thought I would relocate for a job, having chickened out before.  I suppose last time it just wasn't right and deep down I knew it.  I had a constant thought of 'how can I do this?'  In October of 2013, when this opportunity came knocking, my thought was the exact opposite, 'how can I not do this?'

I will not lie, my first six months or so here were very difficult to handle.  It was lonely outside of work and I really did not have a strong desire to socialize. I was worried I would end up hating my job or my boss hating the work I did and then what...

Today could not be any farther from that.  I am truly blessed to have a great job, to have met some wonderful people, and to have fun hobbies to fill my time and give me something to enjoy. I never considered myself a very crafty/artistic person. Heck I make ugly stick people!  But the ceramics class I have been attending opened up a whole new world of artsy-ness!

I admit, I think about home all the time.  I miss my family and few close friends like you wouldn't believe.  It makes me sad to feel like We may be drifting apart, but then I stop and think.  I know in my heart that will never happen with those people.

My parents have come to visit a couple times and we have gone to cedar point, which was a great time. My sister came to visit before she moved to Tampa.  I can't wait to go visit her :-).

Life is not without roadbumps... Of the great friends I have made, I've had to say goodbye too... Losing such a wonderful person at such a young age. Heartbreaking.  Wishing I could have helped her, wishing she would have called me back that weekend.  A poor young soul, utterly broken, seeing no way out.  I would never consider her a coward.  I just wish she wasn't broken inside. And I wish someone would not have broken her the way they did.  I have no doubt it played a role in what happened.  I think of her every day, wishing I could send a text or give a call just because.

Some of the hardest days I've had to deal with and not have my person there.  Everyone has a person.  A rock to lean on that is someone you can bear your soul to and they do the same.  I miss my person. My best friend in this entire world.  I don't know when I will see her next but I can't wait!

Hmm then there's my romantic life.  Mostly nonexistent, as usual.  Haven't seriously dated anyone since, well, 2008....?  And that one went oh so well.  Crap that's a long time. Sad me haha. I need to find a good, decent, honest man that wants to be in my life on a regular basis. This sporadic seeing someone is driving me crazy.

Life goes on.  Overall it is basically the same as it was before I moved, just with a different cast of people.  Is it better, I'd love to believe so.  Only time will tell.  Maybe it already is, and it's just me who needs to catch up.

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